Monday, January 20, 2014

Topics for Spring 2014

I've tallied up your responses from the first day of class and it looks like the most popular topics for the semester are (in no particular order):

Bread and baked goods
Spices and flavor matching/mixing
International cuisines
Nutrition and food safety
Characteristics of different cooking methods

That sounds like a good mixture of topics! We'll also spend some time on fruits, vegetables, and dairy to round things out. We will likely have our first experiment posted in the next couple days, so be ready to observe, question, test, and repeat!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Welcome to BCBT 100 (Spring 2014)

Welcome to The Science of Cooking (BCBT 100) for Spring 2014. This semester we will be exploring the science of food and the changes that take place in food during cooking and other preparations. A few things to remember when looking at the science of food and cooking:
1. This is a science class. That doesn't mean it's "hard", that just means that we'll be using a scientific approach to to topics we explore.
2. Be curious. Curiosity is the key to all good science.
3. Be open to new experience. You don't "like" a certain food? Why not? Understanding why you have a preference can help you enjoy a wider variety of foods and experiences.
4. Have fun! This is food afterall.

In addition to posting info here on the blog, I will also be tweeting using #ChemKitchen. Let's have a great semester!